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Welcome to Bermuda Xmas Trees


BERMUDA was founded by Pete Schindel of Bermuda BrickYard in 2009 as a way to assist local charities with fund raising. The idea started with one container load of Christmas trees and worked with a single charity to raise funds to aid in their activities.


After this experience the idea of continuing to bring in a container of Christmas trees at a reasonable price that were delivered to Bermuda while continuing to assist local charities was a wonderful way to give back. The result is To date, we have raised in excess of $80,000 for donation to local Bermuda charities.


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Bermuda BrickYard Support

Bermuda BrickYard has been the primary sponsor of this project since its inception, providing logistics support and the site for pick-up and delivery of Christmas trees.


As part of the ongoing efforts to support Christmas tree sale Bermuda BrickYard is offering a 10% discount on the Bull Angus four burner or grill and cart barbeques (regular price $3,400 with discount $3,060.00) ordered with the purchase of a Christmas tree.


HOTSTICKS kiln dried premium quality firewood:


Bug free, mold free, spore free and no additives. Long lasting woods (cherry, hickory and 70% oak):

-  $33 for 2 bags

-  Half pallet $675 (45 bags or $15.00 each)

-  Full pallet $1,237.50 (90 bags or $13.75 each)

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